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About Speed Dial App

Best rated Speed dial. Safe Speed dial while on move. This app allows user to place as many frequent contact numbers, which are to selected from existing address book & assign it to the speed dial screen.

- Call or SMS or WhatsApp option.

- Completely free version, Purchase in-app to remove free ads. 

- Preferably, assign groups by colours, like family, work, doctor and etc.

Upon selecting the phone number from address book contacts, Full name, first name or a last name whichever available is displayed instantaneously on the home screen. Speed dial name & number can also be manually set, by entering it using the phone keypad.

For effective use place the app icon on the first page.

Note : Apple does not allow White spaces, * and # characters inside a Phone Number for security reasons to protect the phone from hacking. Delete such characters after selecting the contact.

For using WhatsApp, use country code in the phone numbers like +91, +1, +44, +33, +49


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